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ladykgb said:

is there a livestream tomorrow?

If I come home early enough to experiment with aiming my webcam at my tv maybe. But then you’d be able to hear my mom and I freak out during the episode and it probably won’t be that great a quality…

For now I’m going to say no. :C

If I find a way, you’ll be the first to know.

Warehouse 13 rewatch *update*

My entire service was cut off last night during the stream. If you’d like me to go back and re-stream those one day, let me know.

Today I’m streaming Emily Lake and Last Stand at 2:30pm Eastern. (Basically 3 hours earlier than our usual stream time.
In about 15 minutes.) Sorry for the last minute time change.

Now because of my questionable internet connection and a very intimidating storm outside at the moment I can’t make any promises that the stream will be perfect. (I’m not that lucky.)

I might also stream the webisodes at some point as well if I have time. (I’m going to a birthday party, so the chances aren’t that high.)

Other than that, the premiere is tomorrow at 9 I’m so scared and excited and I wonder if I’ll be able to handle it help me alsdkjfhasdlkfj

(I don’t know if I’ll stream the season 4 episodes yet and I don’t think I can stream the actual premiere. I’ll make an update post if anything changes.)





the fact that i didn’t have to make a post about this makes me unbelievably happy

//screeches as the end nears

Anonymous said:

are you gonna livestream the premiere ? if it's even possible

Whoa, I never really thought about it. I doubt I could actually stream it when it premieres. I guess I could try streaming it a few days after (dunno how good the quality would be.)

Just to be safe, I’m going to say “no.”

But if I do stream season 4 episodes at some point, I’ll make posts beforehand for a date and time.

Who knows maybe syfy will have latest episodes on their site after the premiere. That way you could watch it pretty high depth. (Don’t quote me on that, I’m just hoping here.) If they do, I’ll make a mini announcement with a link for you.

Anonymous said:

when does the rewatch start?

(oops this is a late reply isn’t it?)

It’s everyday at 5:30pm Eastern. And always on my livestream.

Here’s the schedule:

All Warehouse 13 rewatch updates are under the tag: #w13 rewatch to temporarily track the tag.

The schedule changes (rarely) time to time. That’s why Around the Bend is just hanging out there. (My mom really wanted to watch another episode.)

Usually it’s just 3 episodes a day, with a few exceptions.

Like tomorrow is strictly the season 2 finale. Buried and Reset.
(I want to make my mom wait after finales like how I had to wait, but I also don’t want to force her to watch too many episodes a day.)

(I’m going to triple check the sound settings this time.)

found out late during the stream that livestream reset the fucking settings and turned my microphone on

well that’s embarrassing

mortifying really

*lets out a long, frustrated, defeated sigh*