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AU where Sora has Snapchat - Part 3
AU where Sora has Snapchat - Part 2
AU where Sora has Snapchat;

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A+ Sora Moments

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this scene really gets to me and it’s hard to articulate why

like sora hears this and he’s just so…so sad about it? he’s shocked and saddened and you can tell his brain just cannot really process this information at all

DDD reveals sora as the hero NOT because he’s a special person chosen by the keyblade, but because of his willingness to open his heart (literally and figuratively) to other people and form mutually supportive bonds—the “my friends are my power” idea that we first got all the way back against Riku in hollow bastion in KH1 and that comes back to us again in DDD. so he’s the perfect foil to Xehanort, who not only uses people, but consumes them, subsumes others’ hearts into his own to further his own self. Normally extremes of giving and taking are portrayed as positive and negative respectively, but with sora and xehanort the symbolism is reversed; sora is a good person because he is willing to take in others’ hearts, xehanort’s evil is displayed by him giving out pieces of his own heart to possess and destroy others.

it also really strikes me (in a painful way) that sora says you tricked your friends because it’s a weird choice of words and yet for Sora it’s the only choice of words because “friends” is his autopilot setting, he can’t even fathom what it would be like to chronically manipulate and dominate and lie to a bunch of people day in and day out. when sora meets someone new, as long as they aren’t threatening him or his friends, his default approach to others is to immediately accept them as worth caring about and getting to know better

that’s actually really really special and idk

sora is a good kid man

That was beautiful ^

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"Your mind’s made up?"

"Yeah. It’s just, they really need me. I have to go. I am who I am because of them."

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He just doesn’t learn…

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