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A lot of Danny Phantom, Pokemon, anime/manga, and Markiplier here.

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btw i’m just kinda curious about what people use to animate stuff. cuz i used to have imageready that came with photoshop 7 but apparently it’s 12 years too old and won’t install on a windows 8 computer ahahaha;;;;;

ok but you know how ryouma finally broke me? it was this fucking reply.


i cannot believe this

Also, I added Ryouma to my top 10 favorite characters list on MyAnimeList and his pictures tab perfectly describes him like 


Oh look at that stereotypical controlling seme that knows how to do the do and gonna get what he wants when he wants it and gonna be suave as fuck about it. LOL JK


Oh look at this fucking weeb seme that’s never fucking had any experience with boys and just wants to make this relationship work the best way he can and ends up being an embarrassing needy puppy that just wants to keep Izumi happy and safe no matter what.

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(i changed my sidebar image and i’ve been laughing at it for a while now because it’s like i’m clever but i’m not but i am and also the gif itself)

me: i'm gonna draw every day because i know that is the only way i can improve my art
me: *watches youtube, netflix, anime, and reads manga for months in bed*
me: i'm a piece of shit

(omg i’ve been really busy with stuff gimme a moment)

I fucking caved I’m watching Wild Kratts on netflix I’m sobbing I am 21 and I’m adding this pbs kids cartoon to my list to watch and I love it

you guys are awesome i love you

i’ve been watching a Let’s Play Don’t Starve playlist but i just read it as Don’t Play Let’s Starve and now i’m laughing really hard

my internet keeps cutting out…….