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I’m sad that Sokka’s dead in LoK. (Still can’t fully wrap my mind around it…)

I always imagined him dramatically telling stories about the good old days, drastically exaggerating everything to the point where it probably didn’t even happen.

And then I just picture in my own little world, Korra, Mako, and Bolin sitting in a circle listening to his practically made up stories. And Mako would question some parts of his story and Sokka would snap and yell that he was friends with the Avatar (and he’d drag Korra into a side hug for emphasis) and that he dated the moon. And Bolin would clap, all excited, in admiration. And he and Bolin would just be the best of pals, wear fake facial hair, and get into crazy situations together.

But it’ll never happen.

Because he’s dead.
Just like everyone else.

Weeping because I would totally go down with this head canon if it weren’t for Sokka’s untimely end. I know the creators are trying to go for a fresh start and keep the spotlight on the new characters, but I wish they’d revisit the old generation just a little bit more…

We already know about the legacies characters like Toph and Aang left behind, but what about Sokka? I want to know what sort of crazy inventions he probably came up with over the years, and the wise-but-silly kind of old guy i think he’d have turned out to be…     

Maybe the creators will have a meaningful flashback for Tenzin in his younger years, and we’ll see Bumi and Kya and crazy Sokka, and the fandom will all burst into tears and feels. That would be amazing. Oh man, I can see Sokka spending a lot of quality time with Bumi since they’re both non-benders, maybe teach him the ways of the sword or something, while Katara teaches Kya waterbending and Aang teaches Tenzin airbending. 

I’m okay with some of the old gaang being dead in the new series. I understand that this is many years later and people can’t live forever. But I just wish they’d at least kept Sokka alive a little while longer for some comedic effect. But then again the creators might have killed him off during the show, and I wouldn’t be able to handle that. …Oh gawd. What if they kill off Katara during the show. What if they show us her funeral and Tenzin and his family and Korra are there and it spans as an entire depressing episode because the original gaang is officially gone and depression and tears and OH GAWD. HELP I’M FREAKING MYSELF OUT. AVATAR SERIES WATER YOU DOING TO ME. I SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO THINK. 

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