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Anonymous said:

I was watching Hellboy earlier and I thought that his voice seemed familiar. And then screamed "That's Mr. Lancer! And Slade!" and then my friend told me that he also was the voice of Fire Lord Sozin. I feel bad about not knowing that but thought about you after finding out about the Mr. Lancer thing. (you seem to be my the only one I follow that blogs about DP)

It’s okay, there are still characters where I suddenly yell, “That’s that character!!” Mind blowing discoveries everywhere. (The latest discovery I had was finding out the creator of Gravity Falls voices both Grunkle Stan and Soos.)

And aw I’m honored you thought of me. Especially, linking me with DP. >w< I love DP. I’m never not going to love it. (I’m glad you like it too, anon. <3)