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A lot of Danny Phantom, Pokemon, anime/manga, and Markiplier here.

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raijuus said:

hi kikai, haven't spoken in forever! ; v ; (i'm the actual worst when it comes to keeping in contact w/ people). doesn't really count as a "one thing you’ve always wanted to know or say to me" i guess, but i finally got my hands on pokemon y for christmas (ive barely got to lumiose city yet, i've hardly had time any time to actually play it but oh well) - wondering if i could get your 3DS friend code? ๑' ▽ '๑


3DS: 0516-7652-3525 (normal type)
3DSXL: 4914-3905-0898 (ground type)

I play Pokemon on my XL but I’m gonna hand out the 3DS code for future Friend Safaris. (I don’t think I unlocked the 3rd slot for normal type but if I switch 3DSs I lose my friend info and it’s a hassle contacting everyone to refriend them all hhhh)

raijuus said:

☆★ woo happy birthday kikai! have a fab ghostly bithday!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ*:・゚✧ ☆★


it was so fab and ghostly~♥

2pookyglitter replied to your post

agdfgdfgfhf n’aww kikai! ; 3 ;

ajisatree replied to your post

:(((((((((((((((( if you ever need to vent im here ok
thanks you guys 



glittergloom replied to your post: internally freaking out because my classes start…

*doesn’t know how to make you feel better but awkwardly attempts to anyway* ablublubluublubuu ; 3 ;

here let me just-

aah gosh no problem o”: i mean i’ve hardly done anything to help because i suck at comforting people but you’ve done reply art and everything affhsfjskdg that’s so sweet thank ; v ;

i’ve got a tonne of reply sketches in mind that i’d love to draw for things like this…and then i remember that i lack the talent to make them a reality so i settle for shitty pixel responses instead :u

oh no how come i only just saw this? you must think i’m a jerk aaah D’8>

you hush! your pixel art is anything but shitty! i love your pixels!!

gosh i hate time zones and school. i feel like don’t see you around or talk to you as much as i should. ;^;

(via raijuus)

imageglittergloom replied to your post: internally freaking out because my classes start…

*doesn’t know how to make you feel better but awkwardly attempts to anyway* ablublubluublubuu ; 3 ;

here let me just-


glittergloom replied to your post: I think the best thing that could have ever happened to me is my mom getting into Warehouse 13.

dfgjdfgdfg that is actually freaking adorable :’3 i’ve got to catch up on the episodes from the streams i’ve missed…

That’s alright, you can take your time. I know things aren’t as fun when you rush through when you’re busy with other things. C: (It’s kind of my fault for doing all this last minute any way.) I just feel bad that I stream it so late over there. :< Stupid timezones. 

Also, for some strange reason I don’t understand, season 2 hasn’t been saving itself? I really don’t understand why it hasn’t, I named it before saving and everything but it’s like it never happened? (Livestream is so frustrating. I’ve already deleted one of my art streams on accident boo!) And I fear that livestream shorted out again while I was streaming the last few eps of season 1 (which is why it’s labeled to strangely) but hopefully they’re okay?

If there are any problems when you get to it, let me know. I’ll see if maybe I can re-stream it for you or send you the video or something. You can watch them online on this one site, but it’s one of those “try and guess if this link is good enough quality and will actually load or that link” with a few pop-ups and I wouldn’t want you to get stressed out over it or something i don’t know now i’m rambling i just need season 4 in my life 

j-catt said:

I think I'm gonna join in on the stream , what time do you plan on having it. could answer that for the central time zone because I don't know where you live so I won't know the time difference

I’m not that great with tmiezones but I believe it’ll be:

5:30pm Eastern

4:30pm Central

And 10:30pm in the UK (damnit I’m sorry glittergloom)

I’d come a few minutes early, just in case to make sure.

OK guys. I’m going to do a Warehouse 13 rewatch starting tomorrow.

This is for all the people who want to get into the show before the season 4 premiere so please no spoilers and the like in the chat.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a cute promo of the show to get your interest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8dEo9bLFaE 
(Warehouse 13 does start off a tad slow but it’s one of those shows that become amazing over time, so please give it a chance.)

This is the current schedule:

(Note: I’m purposefully putting the Christmas Specials before the finales. I figure the finales would be more intense that way. If you have issues with that, please let me know.)

We can also skip episodes like the Xmas specials (in red) or Eureka crossovers (underlined) if you really want to or if we run out of time, but I’d rather show all the episodes. Again let me know if anyone has issues.

The schedule is subject to change, entirely on you guys. Whether you want to continue after some episodes or stop early; either or I’ll try to fix the schedule to accommodate you guys. I’ll make updates if changes do occur. The goal is to watch all the episodes before the premiere on July 23. 

Until someone asks otherwise, the streams will play everyday starting tomorrow July 9th at 5:30pm Eastern time.

If you’re late or miss out, I’ll leave the day’s recordings up and you should be able to watch them shortly after the stream ends.

Again, if any Agents come for the rewatch, try not to scare off the New Recruits. That means no ship wars, no spoilers, and no rude/unnecessary conduct or I will ban you from the chatroom. (Oh man, I sound like Artie…)

Thanks in advance for those who come.

Different Time Zones

glittergloom replied to your post: dpsg1 replied to your post: It is a physical…

kikai that gif omfg I’M CRYING