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A lot of Danny Phantom, Pokemon, anime/manga, and Markiplier here.

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every. single. time. someone posts their tumblr crushes. i am in the middle. my squished boxed in danny phantom icon is always dead center stuck between all the others with an uncomfortable expression of surprise and mild confusion. and it will never not be hilarious to me.


these tags summarize my friendship with kikai pretty well i think


just replace KnI with literally anything and there u go.

the cycle repeats infinitely


i am such a good friend

ectolime said:

hey i wasn't sure if you were aware or not, but your rumbelle comic was heavily edited and reposted 13 hours ago. the source is from 1los /post/83997912985 and their ask box is closed. (you can go to tumblr's /dmca page to take it down.) i'm sorry i had to tell you the bad news. i reblogged your original, it's a very cute comic and i could tell it was rumbelle right away which is why i saw the repost as so suspicious.


Thanks to you and the nonny who brought this to my attention! I’ve just now sent a request to have it removed. *PLINKY HUGS*

Seriously though. The more time artist have to spend policing their artwork, the less time they have to create more. Keep that in mind, you thieving simians.




omg you’re cute

shinobicyrus said:

You and ectolime. Your ship would be ecto-fishies!


sh it omg,

Anonymous said:

Kikai sounds like such an exotic and tropical name


When I was in middle school, my friends and I wanted cool Japanese sounding names so we all picked a word and put it in an English to Japanese translation site and I put in “weird” and chose “kikai” and the name stuck so much that all my friends call me Kikai and my family labels my birthday and Christmas presents “to Kikai” but I literally got this nickname when I was a weeaboo 12 year old and now I’m almost 21 and I forget what my real name is and I actually fucking pause when I need to tell someone my name or write it down because I have to fucking remember my real name is Monica. 


My Brother: There should be a Danny Phantom AU… where Ectolime has secretly been Danny all along.


when i saw this post at like 5am, this was my exact thought process and that’s when i decided i should go to bed

Follow Forever


Hello everyone. Serim here. Some of you may know me, whether you’ve seen this name pop into your stream or when we talked personally and many others may not. My apologies for the lack of art for this follow forever. Regardless, I wish to express my gratitude to the blogs that has brought me much joy (even if you weren’t aware of it.) As some of you know (and others may not), I have only started to get my feet in the field of drawing, even if 8 months later, my skill is still lacking (and boy, its lacking a lot) and as the saying goes, “we are our own worst critics,” I am always very anxious in presenting my art on my blog because in comparison to everyone else, i always view mine as the abominable spawns that ever existed….ah I’m rambling again. Either way, every day I try to improve in hopes of getting a legion of followers showing the world that I too can become a McAwesomesauce. ,During my time on tumblr, I’ve become immersed in many fandoms (some of which I didn’t know exist). Especially Hijack, since it was one of the first fandoms I’ve joined, along with HTTYD, RotG, RoBTD, and Percy Jackson and I am grateful to all those fandoms (even if I haven’t talked with many of you) for being awesome. So here’s my thanks to all of you.


Alexdasmaster, Bente36, Berktoburgess, Bloodyripart, Caged-Angel, Captain-Artsy, Chiwandering, Darkling-Andy, Derpfire, Dreamberks, Ectolime, Frostfull, Frosty-Haddock, Ghost-Chicky, Hitchcups, Hope-for-snow, Hubedihubbe


 IonahiJibblyuniverseKiome-yashaKit-replicaKohichapeauLittleivorLivoriLovely-heart, MinuikoMiundy-foxy, Napalm9,


Phagechildon, Poopyuu, Rainbowbarfeverywhere, Rinpin, Rotgdtmgatlaetc, Shadowpiratemonkey7, Shibeme, Snow-runt, Sophiefarts, Soul-rhapsody, Tarch-7, Thatendyperson, Viria, Wildestthing, Yakfrost, Yarrayora

Again, Sincerest thanks to all of you.

(via serim-the-tinyest-dragon-deacti)


happy new years! well, i’ve seen other people doing things like this, and since i’ve had a tumblr for a couple years now, i figured i might as well.

here are a few blogs that i’ve been following for quite a while, and that i just absolutely love. they give me a good share of my multiple fandoms every day, and i just really don’t know what i would do if i wasn’t following them.


23-hour-party-people ♥ ]

a ~ c

allofwhichmakesmekomaeda ♥ ][ beccadrawsstuff ][ beckett-castle ][ buttpowder ][ calamitas ][ captioningcrusader ][ commonly-unknown ]

d ~ g

darisu-chan ][ ectolime ][ emecay ♥ ][ eremika ♥ ][ feralheartpeople ][ gunkers ]

h ~ k

hitchups ][ humanitysguardian ♥ ][ iamjayse ][ kawaii-titan-chan ][ koiwishes ]

l ~ p

landlocked-lighthouse ][ leohardt ♥ ][ lizzigator ]losertitan ][ melancholicmarionette ♥ ][ minaelli ♥ ][ mizzelena ][ moostayne ]nicktoonsunite ][ notdannyphantom ♥ ][ onac911 ][ perpetualvelocity ][ pissing-turian ♥ ][ porcelain-fox ]presidentsatsuki ][ purifypyro ♥ ]

q ~ u

sokkatributeband ][ swiggity-swag-its-a-stag ]rosesforhumanity ♥ ][ tangledbowties ][ tearlessrain ][ textsfromghosts ][ the9tard ♥ ]

v ~ z

yiffboss ][ ytangartsprite ]

if you arent following these blogs already then i suggest you do<3

i’d also like to say thanks to all my followers for sticking with me. i tend to blog crazily and for myself, but it always feels nice to know that there are folks who like what I do blog about enough to follow me and put up with some of the things i post about. i gained.. maybe 300+ followers this year, which is more than i need, but completely appreciated. i love you all!

thanks for another hella rad year on tumblr uwu