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A lot of Danny Phantom, Pokemon, anime/manga, and Markiplier here.

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dobsession said:

I don't know whether I should hate you or love you for getting me into Detentionaire. Seriously.

you can love me since it’s such an amazing show

Anonymous said:

help me I'm in too deep I read all 82 chapters in one night send help I can't wait to see some of the Tokyo Ghoul fight scenes animated. I'm even hyped for Gourmet, that blueberry tomato asswipe. I cant wait i cant wait

*whispers* ep 4 comes out tomorrow

Anonymous said:

Half of me really wants to hate you for making me curious about the wild kratts and the other half wants to praise the ground you walk on

ectoimp said:

my friends wanted me to tell you, you are a ruiner of lives and got us all into both Detentionaire and into watching Markiplier


Anonymous said:

AAAAAAAHHHHHH no all your Detentionaire stuff kept showing up on my dash and got me curious and I CANNOT STOP. Fuck you very much for getting me addicted - poor Lee bby can't catch a break and I love every second of it why I love you so much okay thanks but no thanks but thanks (send help)

no help will be sent

descend into madness willingly like the rest of us

ktmoony said:

It's really weird that you are watching Wild Kratts because my little brother was just watching it. He has to have watched it three times through by now.

tell ur little brother that he has good taste in toons

phantom-radio said:

[slides into ur inbox] hello friend i see u are a fellow fan of wild kratts (◕‿◕✿)

im crying i clicked it bc i saw attractive cartoon men this is how low i have fallen

snowwhitehairandthesevenghosts said:

Okay dude so I started watching detentionaire three days ago and now I'm on episode 50 anD I HEARD THAT THEY CANCELLED THE LAST SCHEDULED SEASON AND IM PANICKING this show is gonna kill me if that happens

Sh it’s okay.

here and here

Anonymous said:

Lee ping

i was expecting a pun so i read Lee peeing and was gonna be like “ahahahha frick ye” and just leave this gif here

but it’s just his regular name and now i feel like a bad person

Anonymous said:

yeaaaaaah...you got me stuck on detentionaire THANK YOU THE FUCK MUCH I CANT STOP (no seriously thank you, this show is pretty great; I'm on episode 22 and wow am I sleepy BUT I CANT STOP))

no sLee Ping for you