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to the anon that just messaged me, please hold on a little longer, i’m gonna type a lot for you just hang in there for me

aqua-twin said:

yoooo is love stage a good anime kikai? I saw it on my dash before and looked it up but i wasn't sure if i wanted to check it out bECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WITH YAOI, but now you're reblogging sooo what are your thoughts on it?

Let me tell ya, I fucking forget it’s BL like 90% of the time. I’m way more into the story and the characters. There’s hardly any “action” from what I’ve seen and read so far. Most of it is between Shougo and Rei in special chapters and when Ryouma tries he’s either interrupted quickly or he runs away. (The seme ran away. You heard me.)

It’s soooo charming I’m honestly surprised. I think what I like a lot about it is that, technically, they’re both straight. Just not for each other. Izumi is an otaku that loves Lala Lulu. Ryouma has been in love with Izumi for 10 years (the whole time thinking he was a girl). Izumi has no feelings for Ryouma for a long time and Ryouma is just head over heels confused as hell with how much he loves Izumi even after finding out he’s a boy.

And like normally I don’t like the seme in yaoi cuz they’re very controlling and stuff. But Ryouma is actually a big dumb puppy omg.

And I’m just gonna leave this here because phrases like these are the fucking best in yaoi I’m crying.

delicious little fruit nubs

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

Kikai, can you cook?

probably not

Anonymous said:

Um... I was wondering where I could maybe find the manga Tokyo Ghoul because I have no idea where to look but it sounds intriguing.

(I get confused by these kind of asks because if you just google the name you can find a hundred manga links?)

I have a manga app called MangaStorm that connects to sites like mangahere so technically I’m reading it there. But when I’m on the computer, I love reading manga on kissmanga because all the pages in a chapter are on one screen and I just have to scroll down for the next page rather than clicking for it. It also shows the chapters you’ve clicked on if you haven’t cleared your internet history.

Anonymous said:

Kikai you make me want to watch that one piece movie 6 but I don't know where I can watch it

Didn’t realize it was hard to find oops (I bought the dvd for it so I never had to look for it).

I found a couple different sites. Take your pick.

(I’ve also got adblock installed. Dunno if that affects anything but I figured I should mention that.)

Anonymous said:

Yes. Okay. The Stanley Parable LP with Marky-Mark is amazing. Thank you, awesome person~

Gonna leave this helpful link for other people as well. 

Some other memorable ones I like a lot are The Witch’s House, his long year long journey through Vanish, and his broken rage during Octodad.

And then there’s my forever favorite video that gets me through the hard times.

Anonymous said:

I didn't sea you mention it but I thought I'd throw it out there, but how dare they cut Touka training Kaneki? That was so lovely and it felt so weird with Yomo just walking in like "hey, I barely know you but I'll train you every day you're welcome." I thought kaneki's training was so cool, and it made Touka seem so much more badass! Like wow girl, you go ahead and break his fingers, that is one hell of a way to learn!

I think I mentioned the training very briefly since that was a big part of the Hinami arc etc but yeah. The anime is just a mess at the moment from being out of order and going at light speed. I really hope they slow down soon. My biggest fear is that they’re trying to stuff 70 chapters into 13 or 26 episodes. 

Anonymous said:

Where do you watch detentionaire? You keep piston about it and now I'm seriously considering watching it...

You can watch it on watchcartoononline, a few episodes on youtube, and also here.

dongbangstupid said:

So when I first followed you it was because I was looking for a Danny Phantom blog ad then I found out your other fandoms like Detentionaire and Gravity Falls and THEN Tokyo Ghoul and I'm never unfollowing you <3