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Anonymous said:

So basically everyone in the reverse trio au agrees that Danny was butt naked while under Nocturne's control. So how awkward was the whole saving thing? Did the space thing just sort of... melt off or what?

(I still laugh because everyone just decided that without me.)

Yeah, it just melts off. And as for awkward, we have a canon example right here.

tinboy25 said:

Yes there is just go to minecraft(.)novaskin(.)me and search your username and it will give you the one you are wearing now

THANK YOU!! I actually found an alternate way with www.minecraft.net/skin/USERNAME.png but I like your link much better since I can edit the skin right there oh my gosh thank you

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Anonymous said:

how do you feel about megashipping (sycamore/lysandre)

what? i did not even know that was a ship

Anonymous said:

If you are ever doing complex skin textures, it has been said to me that skin pores (on your face and below the brow) tend to go in the same direction that tears would flow.

Oh I didn’t know that, thank you.

Anonymous said:

Hiya! Just wanted to thank you for your awesome art and cartoon/anime suggestions :) It was you that got me into The Devil Works Part-Time, Generator Rex, and Detentionaire. I'm so glad I found your blog! Especially because of Detentionaire - I'm a huge mystery fan, and the fact that Lee is Korean just made my day! I mean, have you seen many cartoons with Koreans at all? And also cuz I'm Korean :D Thanks so much for everything! You're awesome! (I would follow, but I don't have Tumblr) You rock!!

Oh wow, thank you!! You rock, too!!

Anonymous said:

Good day Kikai! I hope you have a wonderful time! I just wanted to ask you a question: What is your opinion on everything Spider-Man? I saw once that you liked Spectacular? Is there any other show or movie in the franchise that you like? You are always so open with your love for the things you like and I love reading your recs, so I'd love to hear you talk about Spider-Man! But it's okay if you don't want to, you don't have to do it. Have a nice day nonetheless, you deserve it! <3

Favorite cartoon is definitely Spectacular Spider-Man. (The complete blu-ray series is coming out April 22nd by the way.) The Ultimate Spider-Man is okay but it’s not Spectacular. I love the Spider-Man series so much but sometimes it feels like Spidey gets all the screen time with Peter showing up every now and then. Spectacular didn’t do that. 

All the charm in Spider-Man was here. We had the boy learning to juggle his life with crime fighting, the endearing characters and the relationships between each one, and of course, the clever quips.

(And if you don’t want to give it a try because it’s a different style than what you’re used to, just remember Wind Waker.)


I love The Amazing Spider-Man movie and I’m very excited for the sequel. I’ve noticed a lot of people give it flak that it’s not like the original Spider-Man trilogy but I have to wonder if that’s not just stubborn nostalgia because I always leap into the air for anything new for Spidey. 

As for games, I wouldn’t know. I’d love to get my hands on a bunch of Spider-Man games to play but I don’t have the money for it. It’s especially hard to get excited over it when a lot if not all of them get bad reviews.

Sadly, I’m not well versed in the comics for Spider-Man. Mostly because I just don’t know where to start. The only one I’ve read was the Ultimate Spider-Man comic and that was because there was a masterpost on tumblr for it.

fedoracat said:

omg u rebbloged that thing i cant believe that oh cheese (my art is crap duuude))) srly tho i had to give u credit for that beautiful creation of pink pants XD

wow what the heck your art is hella cute tho

Anonymous said:

You like Taro Tea?

I like the Taro Tea at Kasia's mall but she lives too far awaaaaaaay.

I’ll suddenly miss the taste and just wallow in silent thirst because it’s too dumb to drive all that way for a drink.

oneinsanenutjob said:

how would you feel about a danny phantom/blue exorcist crossover with tamer!Danny, dragoon!Sam and aria!Tucker?


Also, hell yeah dragoon!Sam and aria!Tucker. I could see tamer!Danny if he can summon really creepy spirits but I could also see him as a knight or dragoon as well. (Also, doctor!Jazz, dragoon!Valerie, knight!dragoon!Maddie, and dragoon!aria!Jack.)

Anonymous said:

Would the causes really be THAT mysterious (if they were to throw the GC controller)? :P "This person appears to be bludgeoned to death while tied up by this broken controller, how mysterious." "Yes, and the trial of blood leads back to this house over here, do you think the killer lives there?" "Nonono, that's inconclusive." (it's just like a Hannibal episode XD)

ur spot on anon