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Anonymous said:

every time you pop up on my dash I end up watching something new; first it was detentionaire, now it's love stage!! what will happen next???

bruh i haven’t even spazzed about all the things i could have. 

i haven’t even mentioned how much i cried over After School Nightmare or how interesting Ana Satsujin is so far or how much i fucking scream over Apocalypse no Toride or how i’ve got some serious paranoia and trust issues over Akame ga Kill with all these plot twist character deaths. 

Anonymous said:

haha sorry to leave you at such a "cliffhanger"

Anonymous said:

yep!! the last chapter is so good it's *unforgettable*

why must you tempt me

Anonymous said:

have you caught up with all of the lovestage manga yet? if not trust me the latest few chapters are "hypnotic". and if you are caught up I'm sorry....

omg “hypnotic” you’re being so mysterious oh god no i’m not caught up i’m on chapter 12 i’m trying to make it last but your aura of vague mystery is tempting me oh no i already read 46 chapters of akame ga kill in one day before stopping myself i have no self control oh god send help

Anonymous said:

OHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO love stage reaalllllly cute wth. youve ruined me

how do you think i feel

i ruined myself

Anonymous said:

Have you read the webcomic Hyperbole and a Half? It has a really important some messages about depression and is funny as hell. I certainly helped me get through some rough patches.

Is this it?


Anonymous said:

I'm a different anon. I secretly struggle with thoughts of suicide as well. My will to live is... crippled. While I may have lost a sense of self worth, I find strength in getting up the next day thinking "So long as my existence leaves a positive impact on another's, no matter how small, it's a life worth living." To the original anon, the fact that you're reaching out tells me you don't really want to die, you want help. Trust & Talk to Ectolime. Dump your sorrows and fears and let'm help.

Exactly! As long as there’s just one thing to look forward to or feel proud of then you have to keep going. Depression doesn’t just go away but you can whittle it away and knock it down a peg to give yourself those happy days you deserve. Don’t lose to it. Stay strong.

Anonymous said:

Thank you. The superman comics made me cry.

Made me cry too.

Everyone should Right click Open in New Tab when they can. It’s really moving.

It didn’t sit right with me to include this for you in the ask, but Mark had a touching speech about it at the end of his video. So if my words didn’t help maybe his will. They help me out, I hope they help you too at least.

Anonymous said:

I want to kill myself so badly I don't know what to do anymore

Please don’t kill yourself. I know it sounds like a shallow plea you might have heard before, but please don’t. It might be unbearable right now but you have to hold on. If not for the people around you but for yourself, for that happy day you’ll have with a genuine smile or a laugh so hard your gut hurts. Be as positive as you possibly can. Tell yourself a good trait you have, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem. “My hands are really pretty” or “I’m a good person even if no one around me appreciates that” anything that’s not bringing yourself down. Don’t hang around toxic people, friends or family, no exceptions. If they’re making you feel shitty and depressed, get away from them as best you can. Even if they’re making you feel shitty because they just don’t understand. Go outside or someplace you can go like a park or a library or something. 

Death is permanent. You won’t feel the pain but you can’t eat cookies or feel warm under a blanket or laugh either. You lose everything. Everyone around you who you thought didn’t care will mourn you for years because they didn’t appreciate you while you were here. People always forget the things important to them until they’re gone. You have no idea how many people care about you until you’re gone, and even then you’ll never know because you’re gone. I’ve felt suicidal and I’ve felt mourning and out of the two, mourning hurts the most. It’s loss, it’s anger, it’s depression, it’s guilt, it’s pain, and it’s hurt all wrapped up in a hollow heart. 

Please keep writing to me. I want to know you’re still here.