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paranoidmedic said:

You know, I just realized something. With the headcannon of Danny slipping into dead languages, why didn't Sam or Tuck ever think about carrying the Fenton Ghost Gabber? It would probably save a lot of confusion and lost communication.

It would. 

Oh man, you know what would be really awesome (and convenient)?

A combination of the Ghost Gabber and the Fenton Phones. 

No idea how that’d work though. (That’d be some crazy tech to be able to translate Ghost into English directly in your ear in real time. Then again if the Fentons can break through to another dimension…)

And it’d probably be best to take them off in public anyway so that they can catch Danny slipping and stop it before anyone notices.

(omg what if you couldn’t even tell they’re translating until you hear danny saying “Fear me” at the end of every sentence)