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Anonymous said:

I'm kinda partial to Wesley (Wes) Kevin McGreggor. It combines the Kevin middle name, and the Greg/McGreggor name

okie dokey artichokey 

[les bring these asks to someone awake]

Anonymous said:

I still think his full name should be: Weston Parton and he goes by wes for short. To many ww's in Wes Weston (saw parton on someone's tags)

oh that’s a good name too. lots’ of w’s but i think that was th e point of the joke. (i’ve been tagging wes weston because it’s better than just wes)

[i’m sorry i am litralyl running on no sleep i am not coherent;;]


I gone in too deep.

EDIT: His freckles weren’t visible enough. They must be seen.

Anonymous said:

I saw somewhere that someone wanted to name him Kevin, can that be his middle name? Wesley Kevin Weston, I like the sound of it.

sure why not. if his middle name started with a ‘w’ there would be an unhealthy amount of www.dash-level-insults .com anyway


(This is a sequel of sorts to http://thickerthanectoplasm.tumblr.com/post/83248587532/)


"Yes, Manson?"

The goth stared up at him, eyes lit with an angry fire.

"I assume you’ve heard what Danny plans on doing?"

Wes didn’t have to waste a thought on what she meant.

"Yes. What’s your point?"

"I don’t particularly like you, but Danny’s my friend. If he wants to be with you, so be it, but if you hurt him, I’ll break you." Sam said, her voice exuding seriousness.

Wes sighed.

"Look, Manson, I’m not into Fenton anyway. I’d be fine with dating a guy, but he’s not really my type." Sam nodded, visibly showing her relief.

As she walked away, he muttered to himself, “Plus he’s the reason that everyone thinks I’m crazy. Everyone is a fricking moron. He’s obviously Danny Phantom.” Sam made a pivot, eyes wide.

"Wait, what?"


Wes Weston was fuming.

While he was usually a fairly calm person, today was just too much for him.

The first bad thing of the day came when he found out from one of his teammates that apparently Danny Fenton had a crush on him.

Not that he had anything against homosexuals. They were fine, but Fenton wasn’t his type.

Not to mention the fact that Manson would kill him once she figured out that he was the only Wes in school.

Bad thing number two also involved Fenton. A ghost fight resulted in Danny Phantom knocking a bowl of soup onto his head. It dripped, hot and sticky, down his face and neck. It gelled into his hair, and he’d need a shower to get all of it out.

The third thing was kinda his fault, as muttering that Fenton was going to get it after being showered with soup by Phantom wasn’t the best thing to say. No one believed that the two were one and the same, making Wes look crazy. Again.

The final thing came when he was walking home, muttering about needing a shower. That was when the Morons in White decided to kidnap him. Again.

His resemblance to one Danny Phantom had resulted in several “misunderstandings” that the GIW never apologized for. He’d been shot at, zapped, and yes, kidnapped. His only reprieve was that ghost hunting gear couldn’t kill humans.

So as he sat, covered in soup and wrapped in ghost proof netting, he had only one thought.

'I hate this town.'

(Source: kandykhaleesi, via thickerthanectoplasm)

i tried to explain to my mom the overnight sensation that is wes weston and all she had to say was “yOU GUYS HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO??”


also i just realized i have not slept in over 24 hours oops

Anonymous said:

Whoops my hands are slipping and forming these questions also about the reverse trio AU forgive me. Two scenarios: One - what would happen if one of the boys wished that they'd never met Sam? And Two - Why haven't I seen anyone mention Freakshow? Did I miss a post? Think about the things that could be done just with that. Hahah...



Ooooooooh I wonder which one wished that. I don’t see Danny wishing that in this AU unless Sam did something that really pushed him over the edge. Tucker might have wished it since those two have spats about things. It might even still be Sam that wishes she’d never met Danny, but for what reason I’m not sure. 

I took another look at Memory Blank, and it’s a tough one because the focus is on Sam repeatedly getting 2nd pick from Danny. Danny chooses the truck over her opinions, Danny chooses Paulina’s party over Sam’s movie, and Danny blames Sam for the ghost attacks, as well as Sam making all these wishes out of spite. So, the episode would have to be rewritten in such a way that Sam ignores Danny/Tucker. Also, if Sam is the one that forgets, does she not have friends, or is she still friends with Tucker? Lots of questions, hmm.

I forgot about Freakshow!;; To be honest, I haven’t thought about every episode for reverse trio yet but omg how could I forget Freakshow. For sure, Tucker would be the one dragging them to the circus and Sam being under control. Not sure how much Danny would fit into it except maybe break her out of the trance. 

This raises more questions than answers.

…I did a rewrite of Memory Blank before, s-sort of (mostly rambling. not actually fanfic’d)… I-I think the idea could be applied here…

It had been a stupid wish. It had been petty jealousy. It had been the heat of the moment when Danny had said those damning words.

"I wish your parents had never built that stupid portal!"

All Danny had wanted was to spend some time with Sam—to go to the observatory together with her, to see that new scifi movie like she promised they could go see. Instead, he had had to do those things alone or with Tucker because something always came up—and that something was always a ghost.

Danny knew that she was a hero—it was her job to stop those ghosts, and she couldn’t have been better at it. But lately it seemed like that was all she did—their friendship had taken the backseat and Danny barely saw her anymore.

He knew he shouldn’t have been mad about that—saving the town was more important than seeing his movie. He knew he shouldn’t have yelled at her for ignoring them. He knew he shouldn’t have wished that the ghosts would pay attention to him instead so that maybe she’d pay attention too. He knew she shouldn’t have had to protect him from those ghosts because she was terrified he would actually get hurt—by his own wish.

All he had thought was that at least she’s spending time with me.

It didn’t last for very long though. She had chided him for being so reckless, and though he knew he should have felt guilty, he really didn’t feel that sorry and she knew that. Angry at his selfishness, she left him with the Specter Deflector to protect him while she was away, because her ghost sense had gone off again and she had to go fight even more ghosts.

And fed up with being left behind, he had made that damned wish.

Now panic rose in his chest as he watched his best friend stand before him in the school hallway, one eyebrow raised as she spoke the words that broke his heart.

"I’m sorry, but do I know you?"

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